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Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
I like the general idea overall except the boff
Layout,it's still a heal boat and a lot of cruiser
Skippers don't want another heal boat .

I would propose

Cmdr Uni
LT Cmdr Eng
LT Cmdr Sci
LT Tac

3 Tac
5 Eng
2 Sci

This layout would allow a player to take a
Crowd control ship

Into what ever battle his or her team needed
Making it a true multi purpose ship I'n reality
And not I'n talk

Tac ships are still better at Dps
Sci is still better at crowd control

The ship is still slow and turns even slower
And it would sell BIG. $$$$$$$$
I don't like what you proposed at all. Don't take this the wrong way, but there is no reason at all to have 5 engi consoles. Not with the way diminishing returns are in this game. The only thing I would maybe consider putting in that 5th slot would be an RCS console, but with the low turn rate, it's almost not worth it.

As for your propsed BOff layout... Sorry man, but no. I put the Cmdr Engi simply because it's still a cruiser. And it's a fleet cruiser at that. Having the Cmdr Engi is a requirement for that. EVERY T5 and Fleet Cruiser in the game has a Cmdr Engi. All of them, Starfleet and KDF. You cannot make a fleet cruiser without it. And two LtCmdr slots? What? That's too many high level powers. Especially with a universal Cmdr slot. Also you only have 4 BOff slots. It's a fleet ship. Give it 5.

Your BOff setup violates any sense of balance. I'm sorry, but no. And the console setup doesn't say assault cruiser to me. Too many engi slots. It reminds me of the Galaxy-R.

The console setup I proposed is a copy of the setup on a fleet tor'kaht, probably one of the best damage dealing BCs in the game. It has a damage dealing and tanky feel with the 4/4, but still says attack because of the only 2 sci.

And lastly, how is the setup I proposed too much healboat? Cmdr Engi + Lt Engi = 6 engi slots. That's not that bad. I can think of 6 engi powers I would use that would all be pretty effective and not be too redundant. Also the 2 sci powers would be good for support and self survival.

You have to remember what a cruiser is. It's still a support tank. Granted the AC and Tac cruisers are all better for damage output, which is why I put the LtCmdr Tac and Lt Tac. Combine those two and you can have a constant APB1 and TT1 cycling, which give you good damage output. Also that LtCmdr tac allows you to put a higher level power if you need it, like APO2 or TS3. However you still need to be able to tank and heal/support both yourself and your team. Hence the Cmdr & Lt engi, and the Lt sci. Balanced BOff setup, and a good ship overall. Tbh, it's actually better with BOff setup than the Odyssey, at least as powers go.
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