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11-03-2012, 09:44 PM
I have been non-stop crafting now that the Strange alien objects are dropping in the DOFF packs. And everyone is gobbeling them up trying to get the Jem Haddar ship. The exchange is flooded with artifacts cheap. I still am getting Bio Function and Stealth monitors and Pre fire chambers over and over. I also get alot of Ambiplasma consoles. There is no doubt that the crappy SCI and ENG consoles are purposly dropping and the Good Tac consoles are not. I have gotten 23 Bio function monitors and 18 Stealth consoles. 0 antiproton, 0 phaser, 1 disruptor (Blue) 1 tetryon (blue) 1 Poloron (blue) this is out of 218 Craftings. All the rest have been Armor and EPS and other crappy consoles. And never a Neutronium the one useful Armor console. I wish they would just make it random instead of stacking the drops with crap.