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11-03-2012, 08:52 PM
"The fundemental flaw in everything you said is that this is fiction!!! Klingons don't exist!!

What IS real : PWE is a business - they want profit and lots of money - that is ALL that matters. Whether the Feds and KDF join is determined by one factor only : can it make MONEY!!

you people need to get that straight."

First and foremost why are you here then? Its not because this is the hotest mmo out there. I am here for as authentic of a star trek experience as I can get.

As for your friends over in pefect world. You do not want to know what I would do to China given the chance. Well scratch that I am going to be bad and say it anyways. Sense you brought RL into this covo about Fantasy I am going let you in on some history. The chinese are responsible for a great many American deaths, first in Korea, then in Vietnam. So I have no time for perfect world, if cryptic can use and twist them to improve star trek online so much the better.

If you do not care about the lore of star trek or care for cryptic to maintain a authentic star trek universe, then lovei I have another question for you. Why then do continually get involved in threads like this? If its only about a business decision then you should not care what others think.