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I use a armitage, but I cant seem to get the DPS out of cannon that I should. This causes me to continualy switch between cannon and beams. I do use Tricobalt Mines in both PvP and PvE any tips or suggestions for me?
When I use my Armatige, the first thing I think about is how the turn rate is similar to the Patrol Escort. Usually requires abit more finesse to get the cannons to aim foward properly. Alot of the time I have to stay in reverse, constantly shuffling foward and reverse to avoid the reverse power drain.

Tractor Beams can help, as can Eject Warp Plasma 1. My usual build with it has the following:

2x DHC, 2x Plasma torpedoes Fore
2x Turret, 1x Plasma Mine. I use Torpedo Spread 3 and Rapid fire 3 (I think, I might be wrong and it might be Omega 3 and rapid Fire 1) The reason for Torpedo Spread 3, is it, when combined with a Tactical inititave timed right with the Torpedo Point DefensE console, and tac damage buffs, it can be an extremly effective Alpha Strike. In one volley, when on a specific target, I've dropped a players hull to 50% from such an alpha strike when at full shields.

And lastly, the Armitage is NOT the best of turn rate Escorts. It is almost the equivilant to the KDF Tier 5 Raptor in the way that it turns. So reverse can be helpful when trying to line up and stay on targets. If you want a faster and more maneuverable ship, I hate to suggest this, but go with the Jem'hadar Attack ship (if you can get one).
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