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11-03-2012, 11:44 PM
These are supposed to be nebulae. They should be fairly subtle. We use a procedural placement method for them. Basically, we give this thing an image, and it draws it some number of times. At some point, something changed in the code, and it caused them to all draw 1000's more of these texture cards than they're supposed to. The fix is relatively simple, but it requires that I manually interact with each nebula on each map, one at a time. I've done the ones I was able to find. You all have told us some other maps that these exist on, but what you call the map, and what the map's file name is, are often totally different. As such, I need help reconciling the two.
Unfortunately, we've been swamped with S7 work for a while now, and this has fallen by the wayside (many have already been fixed, but I know there are still others yet to address). Hopefully once we get S7 out the door I can take a little time to get back to these.

Sorry about that.
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