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11-04-2012, 01:21 AM
Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
In any match FEDs versatility trumps anything the KDF can do.
while i completely agree with you hear me out on this.
dont forget that all kdf ships have dual heavy cannon capability, every category of ship has an overall advantage to its federation equivalant cept raptors, and the majority of the consoles are universal on kdf.
now even with the reward packs that make opposing faction consoles available on both sides. im actually pretty happy about the aceton assimilator not being available to fed side. if your lucky enough to find even 2 guys to team up with that have it, thats one major power+crew drain to federation for ship advantages...
B.O.P (battle cloak)
cruisers(higher turn rates)
carriers(higher crew count+better hanger options)
im not doing the mixed category ships.
with that in mind.i say the kdf still has a bit of love going for it on pvp. its just getting enough people to invest in Play/Pay of the klingon faction to make it a damned powerful and consistent opponent to the federation masses.