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Captain's Log Stardate [Late 2409] VADM Frederick Holtz, CO of Task Force 23 Alpha:

Yesterday, my flagship, [U.S.S. Superior], had a change of command ceremony for CAPT Alexander Bergren. We have served together for many years on the Superior and I didn't have the heart to tell him I was transferring my flag to the recently refitted Duluth at that moment, however the Superior will still be the flagship of Squadron 23.2 and Bergren will get a temporary promotion to Commodore.

I was surprised to see that rank was still on the books and to my knowledge it hasn't been used in nearly fifty years. Yet the computer didn't give me any grief about it when I replicated the rank pips for him. He figured it out when I handed him the pips after the ceremony.

After the ceremony, I met with General B'Vala, the MACO CO on the U.S.S. Tripoli about the upcoming mission to Unimatrix One. We have two designated strike teams, members from the 106th MACO Regiment based out of Starbase 415, code-named Alpha, and members from the newly organized 10th Omega Regiment based out of Starbase 176, code-named Bravo. Two modified Yellowstone-class runabouts, the Tongariro and the Vanoise, will serve as their support and insertion craft.

The Duluth will lead Squadron 23.1 in the opening battle and create a gap for the Yellowstones. The Superior will lead Squadron 23.2 with Armitage and Venture battle groups as a support team. The U.S.S. Otranto, a brand-new Chimera-class, will lead Squadron 23.3 with an attached KDF Honor Guard company, who will land on the installation, to open up an additional front.

GEN K'Cholok, the KDF CO, will command a large KDF fleet against the main Borg defense fleet guarding the system. The General, a veteran of the KDF's disastrous participation in the Romulan Civil War of the early part of the century and the commander who inflicted serious damage to our 10th Fleet around at Archer IV, told me that despite our conflict, we need to put aside our feelings and band together to ensure the survival of our respective civilizations against this Borg threat, and possibly we could show that we are still the same allies that defeated the Dominion.

I was at a loss of words to hear this intiuitiveness from a Klingon foe even after the large barroom brawl that occurred this past week. Oh, remind me that I need to have more JAG officers be brought in to help sort out the event.

I have the sent the Gladius-class, Durandal, to scout out the probe's wreckage near One. The Klingons sent the I.K.S. Fargar, a bird of prey to do the same. As of 1810hrs, the Durandal, has not returned and the Fargar sent out a data burst that the Klingons are still deciphering.

The Task Force will launched at 0530hrs and I have ordered the entire fleet to prepare to receive my address at 2000hrs. It is 1935hrs and like many other times prior to a battle, I have yet found words that will comfort me at the thought of sending thousand of men and women to their graves. I have decided that I will be leading a group to the installation as soon as we open that gap. Computer, prepare Holtz Package with the same parameters. Holtz out.