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11-04-2012, 01:21 AM
Personally if they were to touch the existing STF's would rather they make it more on par with actual game rules. No cheating borg, no invisible torp one shots, no walking through walls, no invincible cloak (i get it's scimitars "perfect cloak" but even then the shields would take damage), no none heavy tac mowing down a single group with a spread, or having a single super tac cube on steroids just because it was easier than making two regular tac cubes or a strategy(KSE vs ISE).

As for the New ones, i like that they're tactical in terms of planning and teamwork equals success, not DPS=awesome, but at the same time, the damage outputs are too high. With teams in full MK XII stf gear, a single normal tac drone should not being almost wiping out the shields and health of the whole team in a single spray. The Queen and elite drones i can see doing that, the heavy tacs, maybe here and there, but the smaller drones not so much.

Adding in the cage rather than just the lock out was a great idea as well. Being taken out of a game sucks, but when it's possible (not easy, just possible) it makes that time so much better. The floor panels and platform were a nice touch, although i'd rather have a plasma or electrified floor since falling that far usually doesn't do much damage, something there to indicate insta-death aside from a shortfall would be nice.