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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
Look at Endgame from VOY - different timeline - voyager makes it home - then Janeway goes into the past with ablative armor - meets herself - gives ablative armor - voyager goes home a different time/route - no future janeway - no Ablative armor and no changes - in an endless circle

but that is canon
Not quite.
The part that affects the prime timeline is canon, the rest is the alternate part.

Perfect example it "Timeless".
You won't find "Voyager crashed on an iceplanet" as a canon part of that ship's history.
The stuff that happens before and after the changes in the timeline that undo that as canon fact, including future Harry's mysterious message to himself.
You will however find the statement that the ship crashed in an alternate reality.
because it's in an episode that's canon.
The event isn't because it was undone.
Or as the official Star Trek homepage put it between 2006 and 2010

"As a rule of thumb, the events that take place within the live-action episodes and movies are canon, or official Star Trek facts."

This is neither since it was undone abd thefore didn't happen.
My guess is this is simply a textbook case of not working communication between the two of us.