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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
See my edited last post.

But as far a "canon" is concerned - STO through that baby out with the bathwater a long time ago - now its no-holds barred.

So heck Cryptic can and will do whatever they want - and they will do whatever they want with the KDF whether it pisses the players off or not - THAT IS A FACT
Except you totally forgot one player in this matter: CBS.
The people who stopped Cryptic from doing stuff like the Enterprise-J and the T5 Connie.
Cryptic can't do whatever they want because they'll have to get permission first.

And with regards to that remember there was once before an attempt to merge the Klingons into the Federation: in the 2nd season of TNG.
In the episode "Samaritan Snare" Wesley said the Klingons joined the Federation and Picard pretty much agreed with him.
The creators realized what a monumentally stupid idea that was and dropped the whole thing later on.
It's therfore unlikely they'll bring it up again.