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Originally Posted by criss11 View Post
ground and space warfare specialists are within tactical department and they can be obtained from but this is unlocked at starbase II.
But you can buy them from Exchange even at 5k each if you type their names from this list
or the KDF or for the space version .

Both fed and kdf are accepted in projects.Input their names or use copy and paste from wikia to game with CTRL+V in search at the excange with "All" tab and common rarity..
The lists are made by and i update them everytime i have the chance.At the moment only the common quality.

You can see other lists with "F" or "K" for fed or kdf within tactical dept. here .

Even if some pages are outdated ,others are updated almost everyday,wikia is knowledge and knowledge is power and where is power ,money comes easily

Why ppl don't visit stowiki and they ask in forums and in game ?
Cause Google tells me stowiki is an evil Malware Site