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Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
Not worth 25 bucks to me, not even for an account-wide ship. All you need to boost maneuverability is pattern Omega, Evasive Maneuvers, and the Omega shield. BoP doesn't need some special console for it.

Now, a ship like the Fleet Hoh'sus. . .I'd pay 20 bucks for it if it were a C-store ship. But it's not, so I'm not getting it. I grind all my Zen, and 2k zen (or however much I'd have to shell out in EC for a console off the exchange) isn't worth the cost to me. Besides, someone else put in the Zen at that point. . .and I'd prefer to not subsidize this Fleet ship BS unless it's for a truly worthy ship.

A B'rel retrofit with a boost to science powers and a 4th science console might be a worthy C-store addition as well, with a discount for players who already have the regular B'rel retro.
Honestly I was only thinking of "a console" in the sense that eVERY c-store ship has one, so it wouldn't matter what kind-except that it should be limited, and not an obvious advantage that the Feds would immediately whine about not having.

The idea behind the extra engineering console slot and full ten consoles, is that there is no way in HELL they're going to give us a ship like the Bugship or Fleet Defiant with 5 tac consoles, and while sci powers have been KIND OF nerfed, they're seen as powerful too-but maybe the Twinks from Terra wouldn't notice a KDF BoP coming out with 4 or 5 Engineering consoles-and with the right stack THERE, it might be possible to take a well-set-up Bugship or Twink Defiant by manueverability (turn inside his radius, keep him "T'ed" long enough for 4 DHC's, 2 Turrets and 3 tac consoles for example) because you can turn-and-burn with him...and still take a few hits between cloaks.