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Originally Posted by seerisow View Post
while i completely agree with you hear me out on this.
dont forget that all kdf ships have dual heavy cannon capability, every category of ship has an overall advantage to its federation equivalant cept raptors, and the majority of the consoles are universal on kdf.
now even with the reward packs that make opposing faction consoles available on both sides. im actually pretty happy about the aceton assimilator not being available to fed side. if your lucky enough to find even 2 guys to team up with that have it, thats one major power+crew drain to federation for ship advantages...
B.O.P (battle cloak)
cruisers(higher turn rates)
carriers(higher crew count+better hanger options)
im not doing the mixed category ships.
with that in mind.i say the kdf still has a bit of love going for it on pvp. its just getting enough people to invest in Play/Pay of the klingon faction to make it a damned powerful and consistent opponent to the federation masses.
Just finished a VERY rough KASE, and by the time the last two people called it quits, I was sitting there going "God, this works so much better for my Klingon in her Bird of Prey..."

I was running my fed, in a Chimera.

The difference is, my Klink belongs to a pretty active fleet, and I don't bring her out on ESTF in PUG mode-everyone works together and nobody's left not-knowing-how-to-set-up-the-bloody-ship.

I see a similar experience for Feds using the Vesta-PVE content blown because they don't know how to set their ships up (adjust those power levels, folks!! buy BATTERIES to fill in gaps!! CARRY SPARE PARTS!!!)

I wound up resupplying MOST of the team more than once...and in the end, Donatra STILL held the field.

"Powerful" means nothing if you don't know how to use it, and even when you do...when everything targets YOU FIRST because you're doing MOST of the damage...

It's not hte ships, a KDF cruiser with DHC's is crap if the guy running it doesn't know what to put in his console spaces, or "rainbows" his hardware, or has chosen poorly on his Bridge Officer abilities, or doesn't understand that he needs to adjust power levels depending on what his role is... same with a BoP, of course-yes, lots of Uni consoles, but really that 'versatility' disappears when you have to apply most of those positions to either shooty things, or things that keep your shields up, with the rest going to Attack Patterns. As for carriers...

I'll TRADE you the KDF hangar-filler of your choice, for the ability to field Danoob Spam (advanced Danube Runabouts) and come out ahead. (If the rules allowed such), or swap the stats of the Corsair for the Fed Carrier/Escort, or any Raptor in the inventory (and C-store consoles included) for a ship with the stats of a Fleet Defiant.

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