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Lot's of things I like about it. You need a balanced team, and hey, a real tank is required. Thank you, Cryptic, cruisers still have a purpose. Besides good tanking, coordinated healing/support, and some dps make this very long as you work together as a team. Charging in with all guns blazing and not noticing what your teammates are doing will definitely get you wiped. Communicate, read the suggested tactics, agree on who will be doing what. Be methodical and follow the lead of the tank instead of being a one ship deathstar, which most people are probably used to because the rest of the game can be played that way.
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You say all this like its a good thing. In its current state I foresee this STF being less played than Cure. No pugging on this one, and it WILL cause lots of drama when a lot of tank cruiser pilots that "think" they know how to play realize they do not. As soon as its clear the tank(s) and/or sci vessels are not being played right we'll see a lot of warp outs.

Unlike others that love their rose colored glasses, I despise being tied to a specific team composition to get through content so my first impressions may be more negative than most.

What really worries me is that this feels a lot like the Gravitar fight in CO. For those unfamiliar with that fight, its meant to be an extremely challenging encounter. Fair enough I said. But instead of being challenging its a "build check" style of fight. If you can't take a certain amount of damage, you will fail. If you can't deal damage fast enough, you will also fail as people make more and more mistakes. There were some debuff powers the players were using to get through the fight but Cryptic decided that using debuff powers to debuff was just not right and made Gravitar immune to the debuffs. I bring this up because a lot of people are thinking that proper use of sci vessels is the key here, but of those sci powers are found to be effective at all we might just see the Borg NPCs become immune to them.... or worse yet, the sci powers might get nerfed again.
I actually do see this as a good thing. Many of us have been begging for 'balance'. Well here we finally have a mission that requires a semblance of such. One of my Normals didn't have support/healers so a truly balanced set up is not absolutely necessary. My teams were 3/4 fleeties + 2/1 pug, and we just grabbed whomever was available in the fleet. I'm confident that after Cryptic makes some refinements this will be very puggable in Normal even for those, as you say, that only 'think' they know how to play their tank/sci .

I also don't see anything wrong with having an Elite STF that requires a bit of pre-play planning. As long as it's not buggy and tightly time based like IGE or one that demands a solitary highly skilled dps'er like CSE (for Kang), players will want to test their mettle in a fun, non-stop, action filled mission. Will it be as popular as the super easy STFs? Will a lot of players who really don't have much of a clue how to play the game or their character routinely choose to undertake this mission? No, I doubt it, but hey is that really a bad thing?

You have legitimate concerns, however. I am not familiar with Gravitar in CO, but yes, Cryptic has been known to address alleged game playability 'problems' by severly disrupting the status quo and causing new problems. But I say we can't shy away from every situation that raises the bar on this game. Otherwise it will just be another soon-to-be mundane Season/addition. We should have a little more faith in Cryptic. After all, they have recently demonstrated a willingness to listen to player feedback, albeit not completely and certainly very selectively, but the game is improving. Let's give credit where credit is due. And likewise let's give this new STF a chance. Again, I'm not advocating no changes, just please don't nerf it down to the level of ISE/KASE/KAGE.