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# 8 Undocumented changes?
11-04-2012, 03:28 AM
I've been looking around Tribble and noticed that a few changes have made that have not been mentioned as part of an update. I was wondering if Cryptic could please clarify if these are indeed changes or bugs.

Attack Patterns - It seems as if attack patterns are taking a nerf in terms of damage resistance and stealth. Was this intentional or a bug?

Borg Prosthetics - It appears these have been nerfed slightly on stats at first look but it appears the opposite is true in game, they seem to have been buffed slightly in terms of charge up and fire rate. Was this intentional or a bug?

Transphasic Bombs - Was using this and its starting to go off on its own, acting like a giant mine. Again was this intentional or a bug?

If anyone has found anymore changes that you are unsure are intentional or not feel free to add them below; along with any information regarding the above 3.

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