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11-04-2012, 04:43 AM
It's true, not many B'rels around the galaxy anymore these days. Seems most people think it won't survive against all those new fed toys (which on paper are alot better than any BoP), but I think the B'rel or BoPs in general are still a viable option for KDF Tacs, despite having only 6 weaponslots and 3 tactical consoles.

I switched back to my B'rel yesterday after flying a Jem'Hadar Bug for months and a Tohr'Kat battlecruiser for like a week. It was glorious, both in Kerrat and regular PvP. Damage overall is alot lower than I used to have in my Jem Bug, but if set up right it's alphastrikes still hit hard enough to blow up any fed ship in seconds and it's turnrate an speed is fantastic. I use the B'rel with a pure energy build with drain components (tetryon glider, polarized disruptor, plasmonic leech) at the moment, but I might try a torpboat in the next days.