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11-04-2012, 04:33 AM
Aye, i've found how to beat the elite version really easily. With the following tricks it's a walk in the park now.

We had two escorts (one AFK, yes, even on tribble), two carriers (including mine), a chimera and an eng on an oddy witha healer/tank build. PuG group.

I runned the following build: science char, tholian recluse carrier with two wings of advanced peregrine fighers, crowd control build with a feedback pulse 2, TBR 3, gravity well 1, some low level heals, and 1 photonic officer 2. Equipement : polarized disruptor, + 1 plasma dot console from the embassy and a hull regen one (graviton generator and particle generator). Special consoles: graviton pulse generator, tholian web. Frontal DPS (DHCs and turrets). Doffs: 1 SNB.

- Unimatrixes. Everyone at the top of it, firing at very close range. Fighers on interecept mode will take care of the bolts, so everyone can ignore them. When regen probes appear, use TBR 3 or GW1 so that they heal eachother like idiots instead of healing cigares. If a bolt survives, use TBR. Our tank was in from of the unimatrix to do his job and get some aggro. Our team blown up both unimatrixes in less than 1:30 minutes using that strategy.

- The queen: She pops, use the tholian web console. It'll take 15 seconds before she can destroy it (it looks like her dps comes from special abilities only, and she has very few regular attacks, so it's a great glitch), and she'll aggro the nodes in the meantime (they have a very high threat value). Carriers launch their fighters, and fighers will take the iso charges and aoe torps. No one can be blown up. SNB, debuff, snb, debuff, use the tholian web, constantly launch new fighers wings. Fighers will of course torp her to death before they get killed. And she died in less than 2 mins.

Elite? Sorry, cryptic, try again.

How you could improve it: iso charge isn't necessary here. It's very easy to avoid with a proper build. Instead of that the queen could have PDS consoles or 10 or so turrets with CRF III to deal with figher wings and other pets. She sould also be able to select multiple targets instead of just one.

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