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11-04-2012, 05:53 AM
Originally Posted by fakehilbert View Post
You haven't seen the current TBR in action, have you?
I have. Both as Tac/RSV and Tac/BoP. Spent most of the night playing with it.

It needs nerfing. Tac buffed is 3-6 pulses, target dies without PH. Double TBR can be rolled with 10 seconds of downtime between them. PH can't keep up with that as far as I understand it.

There's every likelihood that, at this point, it would/will/can cause the game to turn into "Do I PH and TBR, or TBR and wait for PH, or, oh, I got TBR'd and died now. Dang." It sticks so far out that it really, really is wacky overpowered, especially in light of the way hull healing works. A lot of things still need attention, but you can add this power to list.

I don't really want it nerfed into the ground for damage, but it's waaay to strong at the moment.