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11-04-2012, 06:26 AM
Filling a KHG without a good healthy Science Team can definitely be a pain, you can go the dirty route and rely on RSP (won't hurt your EPtS uptime on the mirror Qin/Somraw) but in all honesty I'd recommend just taking Omega.

KHG is a weird set altogether really, it has the absolute most perfect science deflector in the game (and a great sci two-piece bonus for that matter) but I have no love for the engines, Omega blow them clean out of the water.

I only ever use KHG if I'm packing torps, in your case I'd go full Omega. There are also some nice fleet options that appeal more than KHG in my opinion (ResA shields, [Spd]x3 or [Turn]x3 engines).

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