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Originally Posted by breadandcircuses View Post
Ok, so... I lost interest after reading a third of the posts here, some of which appear to be back and forth between people. So, ignoring all the rest, here are my impressions of the reputation system:

1) These reputation projects are completable given what I can gather with my usual play activities. Thus far, they use resources that are fairly straightforward to obtain, though I haven't even hit Tier I given that I just started for the test weekend.

2) Just as I feared, these reputation projects consume resources that also apply to fleet projects. This means that either the fleet loses out on the resources I am contributing, or I miss out on progress through the reputation system.

3) There is no apparent increase in the amount of dilithium that may be refined, and there is a distinct increase in the activities that draw upon it. This is a bad thing.

4) The reputation system provides an outlet for those disinterested in participating in a fleet to still have their own little project system. That this is also part of why some players are disinterested in participating in a fleet makes this a pyrrhic victory for said players.

5) Unsure of this is a description bug, or a change to the event, but the Mirror Universe Incursion description makes no mention of dilithium being rewarded. I did queue for it on Tribble, but did not get into one to see for myself. If this is a change, it is not a good thing for lower level players with limited access to dilithium in the first place. This may be intentional, though, as it pushes dilithium further into "endgame".

6) The unlocks from the reputation system are very cool, and a neat idea to add to endgame content. I enjoy the idea of customizing my captain with additional abilities beyond merely my branch of Starfleet/KDF.

7) The reputation system adds another menu management segment to the game. This game IS fun to play, but menu management is not in and of itself exciting. I personally can't remember any time I heard someone say, "Oooh! More menus! AWESOME!"

Well, those are my personal impressions pertaining to the reputation system. The rewards are good, the method of obtaining them is dull, and the whole thing seems designed to increase the demand for dilithium. The last part is probably a good thing for free-to-play folks, since that should drive down the cost of Zen on the dilithium exchange. I hope this is helpful, and assists you in your future efforts to continue to improve STO.
couldnt agree more with everything above