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Not much to say here. I like how most Federation hangar pets are different than KDF ones, especially the Runabouts with Tractor Beams, but I still feel there should be some more variety, especially with even more FED ships being able to use them (upcoming Vesta).

Personally I enjoy KDF fighters that are able to lay mines (Slavers and Fer'Jai) and would like to use something similar on FED ships. Although KDF Slavers' mines are mostly an addition, as their main trait is the transporter and speed, I think some proper minelayer fighters could introduce some new variety of tactics into the game.

So how about some hangar bay that revolves solely or mostly around mines? For example, a shuttle equipped with a single phaser beam array and (cloaked?) photon mines, with an upgraded dilithium-store variant having additional tricobalt mine and quantum mines instead of photon? I feel such pets would be quite useful in STFs, especially CSE or KASE, or even perhaps the new Onslaught. KDF could also get their equivalent.

The biggest issue would be finding an art asset that isn't used anywhere else and I feel this could be the biggest problem at the moment, as I doubt Cryptic would create something brand new just for a new hangar item, while all the other shuttle assets are already used elsewhere (aside from perhaps the Yellowstone).

Still, I would like to hear some other opinions regarding this idea.

inb4 Carriers are KDF thing and feds shouldn't have them at all!!!111onemeh