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I had been taking a hard look at the Nebula for some time now. I kind of stopped looking when they released the stats for the Vesta. I would have had enough zen for one by next weekend...but I had a "Gotta Get A Bug" moment and blew through all my Zen - sans bug. I did get an awesome Purple DOFF that increases the number of shuttles launched by Boarding Party! /mehgag

Didn't want the bug to fly - wanted it to sell - but oh well.

I liked some of the decent builds out there for the Nebula - and I liked some of the flaky stuff that I tend to do that I could have done.

I might try to grind my way to one - Hell, I might even break out the wallet for one... even though I hate that idea on so many levels...

...but still, with the Vesta there - it pseudo killed my desire for one.

I've said it a few times, but as more and more discussion about S7 has taken place - I've found myself in limbo.
Nebbie's still a fine ship, especially at Fleet level. She actually turns better than the Excel (which is famed for her turn Fed-side) and she has the slots to spare for RCS if you want to make her an offensive-Sci.

The Vesta is still a complete unknown, sure she looks like a pain on paper but she could also be a complete dud. I'd also add that if you're just getting started, a weird hybrid like the Vesta wouldn't be terribly forgiving, while the Nebbie is both innately very tanky and can comfortably slot some of the best sci layouts.

vids and guides and stuff

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