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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
And just where is this announcement? I can't find it.
Its right here, under 'System'...

Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
  • Updated requirements for Fleet Starbase projects.
    • Replaced all Gamma Quadrant commodities, turrets and weapon platform requirements with standard commodity requirements.
    • Replaced rare food/drink items from Bartender and Chef unlock projects with standard Food/Drink inputs.
    • Reduced all Duty Officer input requirements on Fleet Starbase Projects
      • If a project previously required only White duty officers, the number required has been decreased .
      • If a project previously required a specific Specialization, it generally now requires a Department instead.
      • All Green, Blue and Purple quality requirements on Duty Officers were reduced to White quality requirements.
        • These changes in quality and relative value haves led to many requirements increasing in number of items required, but not in overall cost.
    • For all of the above changes:
      • Projects already in progress, with the Duration Timer counting down, will be unaffected by the above changes.
      • If you have already input items into any of the affected requirement fields, you will not lose your ongoing progress or any Fleet Credit you earned by doing so.
      • If a requirement field was previously filled and now requires a higher number of inputs, it will no longer be filled unless the project has already begun its duration timer.
      • If a requirement field was previously partially-filled and now requires fewer inputs, causing it to fill, this will require the Project's duration timer to begin if it was the last remaining incomplete requirement.

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