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11-04-2012, 08:18 AM
Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
I think this change is needed due to a certain broken op weapon that is being abused in pvp due to the fact that no armor has resistance to it.

All armor should now have cold resists equal to their base resistance to other energy damage types, for example mk XI energy dampening armor currently gives +54 damage resistance against all energy types, it should also grant same resistance to cold.

Its likely the devs didn't consider the effects this would have on pvp when adding a new weapon damage type in the game in the form of the games highest damaging close range weapon the pulsewave. This needs to be fixed soon as ground pvp ques have been more dead then usual in s6, and likely to stay that way in s7 until this issue is fixed.
sad thing is I don't think they will ever make a change to to armor, lots of people payed lots of money for the Tholian Ground Set so they can get the XII version of the Compressed Cryo Launcher (yes it cost lobi but you get lobi threw Lock boxes and to open lock boxes you need keys, keys = zen, zen = real money) so i really don't think they will fix ground armor because it will nurf the P2w gun and if they do all the people that have that gun will cry like little babies that they are cuz most cant play ground without it