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11-04-2012, 07:24 AM
I love my torps

On my mobius my setup is 3 Dhc's and a Torp up front and 3 turrets in the back
I will also run Tric mines in the back vs Pve like stf's at times. I have played around with all cannon and turret builds and I just can't good Dps from it. I general get around 3k -3.5 k Dps vs in STf's with an all cannon and turret build. Where as I get 5100-6200 with 3 dhc's,Torp and 3 turret build and 7000-8000 with 3 dhc's 1 torp in front and 1 turret and 2 tric mines in the back. I'm not saying all energy builds aren't good and don't work , they just don't work for me since I really don't alpha strike. I like to come in with CSV 1 and drop the facing shield on my targets and blast them with either a volley of TS3 quantums or 4 Tric mines. Then turn quickly and go after anything that is still alive and stay in close and do damage and do a little bit of Escort tanking with the Omega set since the Borg/Maco set is being broke up in S7.