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Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
It's a pity this game didn't copy that model it was the best
Mmo I have ever played
I am in a fleet full of people who are contantly on ventrillo. We talk all the time we are playing, even when we are not teamed. If I need some item for crafting it will generally be in my email a few minutes after I mention it; and the same for others. If I need a contraband to start my 2,000 dilithium mission, it shows up.

In a game where you have fleets building toward common goals the idea that I need to interact with strangers to get something seems pointless. And, like I said above, everything someone does at end-game requires teaming: fleet actions, fleet events, stfs, defera, and so on; with more teaming events coming in season 7.

Since you can get to VA in a week it is almost impossible to not be forced to socialize and work together with others in this game. I would go so far as to say that the game is forcing us to socialize even when we do not wish to, because the only way we can get the STF gear, or the upcoming Reputation gear, is by socializing. Cryptic's forcing us to be an mmo even if we want to be srpg players.