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Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
Did it earlier today with 3 other fleet mates and one pug on elite. Got through the whole thing, including two optionals.

First part, the Tac Cubes weren't terrible. Honestly, aside from just dealing with several at once, they're just as big, dumb, and slow as they've always been. Spheres tended to be much more annoying because they would focus a lot, or so it seemed. Even with points in Power Insulators, when several spheres hit you with tachyon beam, you're gonna lose a lot of shields.

The Cubes themselves, again, just as big and stupid as ever, no real issue. Honestly, the Houston itself tended to be a problem since it would aggro them before we were ready. The pug did too, but we were expecting that. But one at a time, no trouble.

The V'gers...are annoying. Even focusing fire on one still took awhile, mostly because they spat out Regen probes so fast. Tractor probes and normal probes are a joke and barely even worth a mention. Still managed to get through them though.

Queenie took awhile, but while annoying, her ship itself, even as quick as it was, wasn't the issue. It was all her abilities she kept firing off constantly, same rather applies for the V'gers.

We got the timed optional, and the optional on the queen, since we always kept at least one person alive. Though like others have said, the loot was gotten for only one person.

Now, I feel the main problem here (aside from bugs) is that there is just 'too much'.

There is too much spam from the V'gers, they launch probes at an incredible rate, to the point it's a bit ridiculous. The plasma balls are tolerable, used to those from Red alerts.

There are too many instant-death attacks. We had this same issue with Cure Space, and massive Isometric charges. I want the Borg to hit hard, not an issue, but having SO many 'boom, you die now' attacks isn't hard, it's annoying and un-fun, and will make people just stay away from it in the first place, mitigating the point of having a new STF in the first place.

The Borg Queen has way too many abilities she can seem to use without cooldown, or very short ones. So she was able to use her stuff over and over, again, making her extremely annoying and while tough, not really and truly difficult.

Too many ships in general all at once. Having a lot of ships is fine, it's Unimatrix 01 of all places, but spreading them out wouldn't hurt. Have it go in a much more 'wave' like function:

1. Start MUCH further back than we do now, and the starting respawn point will be here at least. The first wave will consist of all those Borg spheres. Annoying with the dozen or so, but workable, just focus fire, and bring em down.

2. Wave two, the cubes/tac cubes. Instead of that rough diamond shape they were in (which caused a lot of clipping issues btw), have them be in lack a wall, or in rows. Such as a 2 cube tall, by 3 cube wide wall of those 6. It'd look VERY intimidating against such a group, or in rows, something like that.

3. Keep both V'gers, just tone down their insta-death attacks (or at least their lances and number of probes they spawn at once).

4. Borg queen is tough, and needs nothing else, but again, her insta-death is just a bit too high to be challenging without some mild toning down.

I don't think toning the insta-death down would ruin it at all. Hardly so, but if it isn't toned down, the mission will barely be played when it hits Holodeck (past the first week or so it's released).

Also, I feel the rewards (aside from being fixed of course) should at least be double any other STF. This one is longer and much more time-consuming, and the reward should show that as such. If another elite gives 50 marks and one Borg Processor, this should give 100 marks and two Processors, plus optional bonuses on top of that.

If it's meant to be hard and challenging, it is. It's meant to be the real 'end all' of the Borg story, and I like that, but if it's nothing but masses of instant-death, people are simply going to ignore it.

So insta death spam is back again?

man and i thought they learned from the past issues... insta death =! hard, its just annoying and boring especial when you can't avoid them. The big discharges are a good way of insta death because you can counter them and you see them coming, but torp spread for 90k+ dmg -> not.