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11-04-2012, 08:20 AM
KDF Vet Sci:



ST1 HE2 The ens is utility.


ET This is utility.

Omega Shields and Engines

Flow Cap Deflector or Omega Deflector or Shield Boosting Deflector
Resist Device, Shield Batt, Engine Batt

Borg Console, RCS, Vet Console

HP+ Console, Plas Leech

4x Energy Weapon Choice
(Disruptors boost lotus, but may chose others for procs since not Tac)


2x Photonic
1x Battery Booster
1x TB
1x Hazzards

This is a build for pugs. The ET/ST are for countering/clearing. Don't have TT or anyother team in a Macro. Don't prebuff a TT before decloak. You may need ST or ET to clear incoming debuffs/disables.

Flow Cap should be maxed to boost plas leech gain and Tet glider damage.

Tb cooldown start @ activation, so will have decent cooldown to go w/the decent PSW cooldown.

Damage is supplemental vs good players, will kill bad ones. Best when used in tandom w/a Tac or another Sci who's DPS support.

PSW is for interrupt not damage. Use it to break ES or to disrupt heal/resist buff cycles.

W/the TBs and the 30+ACC from tactical mode you can focus on CritH weapon procs.

Can swap out Omega Engines for Fleet engines and go w/Omega Deflector. W/the +30ACC from ship again,the +targeting from Deflector is less needed w/the TBs.

Evasives+Engine Batt is your friend, this isn't a tanky build.

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