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Originally Posted by stf65 View Post
I think you should read your own post. You are the one who wrote: "STO used to give you that feeling more so in the past that it does now."

Nothing mechanical has changed in STO to make it less social. The reasons you might go to ESD or DS9 are the same today as they were on the day the game launched: to get items and services you cannot get on your ship.

Since launch STO has added many more social zones: captain's table, drozana, academy, Bajor, and so on. While the game has not added more reasons to be in social zones it has clearly added more of those zones. The fact that people do not wish to socialize in them is no different today then it is at launch.

If you feel people are less social in STO today then in the past that is a personal perspective you have. It has nothing to do with how the game has mechanically changed. I find people in the game to be as chatty or leave me alone as they always have been: the ones who want to chat will chat and the ones who want to be left alone will do their own thing.
I dont belive anyone here is arguing against your opinion. So responding to their posts as if their opinions do not matter is disrespectful. What I ment by my statement, "Thats not what I'm saying..." is that I believe you are taking my statement out of context and not hearing the essence of what im saying.

I'm happy that your gaming experience in STO is good. So is mine. I too, am in a fleet. I too team with others when running team missions.

But, like you said, this is MY personal perspective. Disagree if you like, because your points are valid. But please do so with respect to others opinions.

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