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11-04-2012, 08:29 AM
KDF Vet Tac


ET, Aux2Batt, EPTS3

Sci Team1, HE2 Ens slot utility


TB Utility

Omega Shields and Engines

Flow Cap Deflector or Omega Deflector

Resist Device, Shield Batt, Eng Batt

Borg Console, RCS, Vet Console

Flow Cap, Plas Leech

4x Disruptor Damage (GDF w/lotus too good to leave lotus unbuffed)

3x Tech
1x Battery
1x WareCore Eng

This is a build for pugs. The ET/ST are for countering/clearing. Don't have TT or anyother team in a Macro. Don't prebuff a TT before decloak. You may need ST or ET to clear incoming debuffs/disables.

Flow Cap should be maxed to boost plas leech gain and Tet glider damage.

Don't Prebuff GDF. With RSP1, EPST3 and shield batt you should be able to have a nice low hull while maintaining shields.

CritH or CritD weapons procs, no more than 1 ACC since ship has +30 in tactical mode and you may have a TB.

Evasives+Engine Batt is your friend, you'll still take a beating when under FF from decent players.