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11-04-2012, 09:29 AM
The Azura Nebula Rescue: You often have to hit "disable tractor beam" numerous times in order to release the romulan ship. Shouldnt you have to hit it once?

The New Romulus map is HUGE! But some of the sepicific grinds seem excessive. Im still trying to figure out why gathering plants and giving 5 to one person, while giving 10 to another doesnt add up.

Into the hive Ground is very intense, but Im trying to figure out the purpose of the transporters. If you have electrified grids constantly on by the transporter activation nodes, doesnt it defeat the purpose then?

As for the space version, I am unsure why the regen probes for the two unimatrix ships cross support (and this is in normal), we were however able to develop a pattern to counteract the potential bug. I would hate to see elite.
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