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11-04-2012, 08:36 AM
It's the other way around. Refining dilithium requires engineering and science expertise. Exploration and Trade would have little to do with the refining process. Not that I'm that hung up on that as an issue. (For Exploration, though, a gain to mining minigames might make more sense. Taking samples.) I'm not sure boosting the refining cap per character is possible though, without using special assignments or NPCs. It may be an account-wide thing. Trading could give us a Latinum (remember this?) for Dilithium exchange assignment. (Prerefined, preferably, but whatever...)

Also T5 can just give usanother one of the T4 Doffs, or they can expand the selection, or it can give us none that time. Most people who hit T5 will have a fairly full roster already. (With seven Maelas, five Jhamel's, eight Hildebrands, four Gaavrins, and a lot of other purple clones reminising of the good old days, when there was still green in the roster and the captain appreciated them more.)

I think doubling the colonists and refugees obtained from exploration clusters may be a bit much. An alternative I think might be to have the Support crit give you a good (50%?) chance for an uncommon or better quality refugee. Similarly, why not introduce better qualities of colonists as well and add in a chance for those, boosting your odds of critting their assignments?

And I have to say, I surprised myself with the following, but: The duty officer assignment slots under recruitment should not be account wide, any more than any CXP reward is. (Foot, consider yourself shot.)

But generally a good idea, though I have mixed feelings as I'm using the CXP to fleet marks conversion quite a lot, and adding in 150,000 more CXP to collect will make that impossible for a while. I can only hope they'd add in some smaller-volume fleet mark generating missions, to weather me and those using the fleet reports like me over, in the event of an upgrade of the Doff system.

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