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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
I'm horribly bored of the game... in fact I play now to help other people out while I'm not roleplaying.

Basically Cryptic I have the same request everyone else so far does: Can we have something to DO (as oppose to grind) please?
I burnt out back when I was grinding for XII honor guard on a KDF char. Briefly played the nukara event before being bored of that.

Most of my time (before GW2 came out) was pretty much just SITTING there talking to people in channels...

I feel the grind is dilithium. It's needed for EVERYTHING, reliably gotten in large amounts from few areas which are all now (personally) boring, and the prices are so high I can't "work on saving dilithium for that carrier pet(for example)" while also "Getting some c-store points to get another costume slot as well as supporting the fleet projects/special appearance projects". I have to basically pick one until it's done, then pick another.

That is how I feel anyway. STO has turned into a dilithium grind, and it's sad because I don't mind the gameplay, graphics, I love star trek and would love to play it more/RP my characters more... but I don't wanna just SIT in a game in sector space/a station for hours going "Meh... what to do..."