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11-04-2012, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by hfmudd
While I like that we can now see the quality level of our bridge officers, having the commbadges tinted bothers me. Fedside, I liked the contrast and consistency of basic black arrowhead plus department color. Now my mild nerdly OCD is pinging and some of the color combos (Tac BO of Green quality) are not pleasing to my eye.

Would coloring only the category on the paperdoll screen (e.g. "Starfleet Engineering Bridge Officer"), as it is now, suffice?
Agreed: this really looks bad. Besides, we are (well, most of us) big boys and girls and, if we really want to go and look at the BOff qualities, we can do so right now. If this is so others can see the BOff qualities as a sort of vanity thing, it's even worse - 'couldn't care less if another player is impressed by my away team members, ship, title, or what-have you.

It is also inconsistent: two of my active BOffs are actually "rare" quality, but one is shown purple with this change and the other isn't.

This is an unnecessary and, in my opinion, very undesirable visual - there could seriously have already been a lot more time invested in fixing extant bugs in the New Romulus patrols and other missions than doing something like this.

In short, some good stuff in here so far, but with certain things, I'd say leave well enough alone.

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