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11-04-2012, 09:11 AM
Posted this in another thread, but I think it was a Zombie:

The "Tholian Red Alert" daily mission seems to be bugged, at least during the time I played it. I would join via the "Red Alert" tab, fight for what seemed like ages, receive the flyby "Tholian Red Alert Daily Complete," even get that confirmation from the BOff, then...nothing - it does not show as complete. That was way too much time to spend (some of these battles are FAR too long, especially those that come in waves) with VERY little payout, and then to find out it didn't complete.

Also, every time I try to enter a deep space encounter, I see my ship enter, but then get the "Well done, Admiral" message from my BOff saying I have finished "the mission" - without seeing a single enemy ship. No payout, no credit there, either.

Finally, in the other new daily mission in 'New Romulus' space, there really is a lot of time spent for not much. In two of the missions we went through wave upon wave of enemy ships or long "storyline" aspects - all to the tune of 45 minutes or more and...only filled 35% of the total necessary for completion.

I know there are folks who get on and play for hours, but as you have admitted yourselves: you know most of us are more casual players. Honestly, I don't have 6 hours a day to spend fighting the same ships or herding space slugs (Gekli); sorry!

Please either shorten the duration of the missions, or make each mission worth more, percentage-wise.

PLEASE listen to the player base regarding problems (not the ridiculous and overly cosmetic suggestions, but the mechanical and functional ones) and make the truly necessary tweaks and changes BEFORE launch this time! Season 6 was a real train wreck for the first half of its life, but there was so much feedback about problems we saw during testing that a good deal that came along with the live launch could have been avoided.

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