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Originally Posted by keeny75 View Post
Not sure if this is where I write this but here is my two cents on season 7 test weekend.

Loved the new Borg space STF where you go up against the queens diamond ship. Loved it loved it loved it. A mass all out assault.

I played in to the hive (normal) and it seemed really hard for normal difficulty. I'm not looking forward to playing this on elite. Lol

And the romulan space mission where you free the romulan ships was a nice easy way to get some marks.

Not sure if it was implemented in the test but couldn't see anyway of accessing the new advancement system which I really wanted to try out.

On an unrelated issue I spent 70 bucks trying to get a jem'hadar ship and got bugger All. Can't there be a way of obtaining the ship after a player has blown 100 bucks trying to get one?
The New Advancement/Reputation System Tab is at the top right of your Character Status Window.
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