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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
I have to agree with Shimmerless. Aux is already a strong power setting. I find a high Aux is already great for so many Sci abilities and some consoles.

I do not understand the idea of moving shields from shield power to aux power.
Just the regen not the resistance nor its effect on some boff abilities.

And yes Aux is useful but you really pay a hefty price when trying to run it high (100+) unless you go torp boat or are chaining a pair of EPTX powers. For all intents and PvE purposes the vast majority of ships simple max weapons, enough engine for defense cap (sometimes), rest into shields and aux has what it has. Then you just pop a battery if you really need it.

I would prefer to have a bit more options on what an optimal power setup is even in a PvE setting and the only way to do that is to improve aux and engine or nerf weapon and shield. Right now running a high AuX is not that desirable compared to the others.

And I have done the math on the healing capacity when high aux for shields. Guess what, when chaining EPTS and TSS you will get more total effective shield even over the 15 seconds TSS is active with 125 shield power than you would with 125 aux thanks to the regen and resists. That is not even mentioning the remaining 15 seconds that the TSS is not active.

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