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...That is how I feel anyway. STO has turned into a dilithium grind, and it's sad because I don't mind the gameplay, graphics, I love star trek and would love to play it more/RP my characters more... but I don't wanna just SIT in a game in sector space/a station for hours going "Meh... what to do..."
If I could make a suggestion for what to do that has helped me a lot with this game; Tell yourself you don't NEED any of it. It's a free to play game. Treat it as such and unlock things that you want whenever you get around to affording them. It doesn't help with the lack of content, but it does at least change the game from a 2nd job back to... well, a game. At least for me.

And there will be new stuff to do in the next expansion, see if you like it.
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