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# 106 Into the Hive
11-04-2012, 11:01 AM
So far, I like most of the new contet, all except for one STF. As a hard Core STF'r the challenges on elite are a huge draw for me, that being said, one of the new STF's is a big time turn off for me. Into the hive is challenging and fun, up to the Queens chamber. The floors are a bit much in the queens chamber. Already worrying about a named boss (the Queen), plus multi-waves of borg spawns (including Elite Tacs) and the floor is way to much to handle. I myself aswell as others I have run with think the same, you have created a "No win" STF on elite difficulty. How about dialing back the floors a bit if for nothing else then just to balance the STF. I dont want to see STF's become a "Do not Attempt" thing.