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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
I have no problem with the players getting the Vesta. I am very happy they have.

The ONLY problem I have is that the KDF have little or no comparable ship to compete against it with.

Even by itself the ship simply has too much going for it.

Then throw them altogether Vesta (Danubes) + Atrox (Danubes) + Armitage (Danubes) + Fleet MVAM (Multi-vector) + Fleet Defiant (5x Tac) into the mix and things get kinda one sided pretty quickly.

In any match FEDs versatility trumps anything the KDF can do.
This is precisely right. The issue is not necessarily the Vesta on its own. Like any other ship, it can be overcome with precise timing and coordination. The issue is one of synergy--i.e., what this ship, in conjunction with other ships to maximize dps, healing, and science skills, will do. In short, we cannot evaluate this ship only in terms of its intrinsic abilities but also in terms of its ability to create synergy.

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