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I have seen a few bugs with season 7.
1. I played the Hive space and for some reason I didn't get omega marks because my inventory was full and when I emptied it I only got EC. are we only supposed to get EC or not?
2. During the Hive ground there were a few bugs. When we got to the final fight against the Borg queen she kept falling of the edge. Once me and the team I was in just committed suicide (in game not IRL) and I spawned in a wall. I spawned in the corner of the re-spawn place for the rest of the match.
Some things nice.
1. Gaining Dilithium during stf's.
2. More project's with reputation system. (There might be more I am still at the lowest stage.)
3. Seeing how many people are queued with the new PvE list.
4. Not using doff's for the Reputation or at least getting them back at the end.

These are all the complaints and all the bugs that I have seen on tribble for season 7
I was Captain_Doug just FYI