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11-04-2012, 11:15 AM
The problem is, the only things left to do is grab lower level characters through the content I've done many times to max level, and then park them there to do nothing.

The new stuff frankly doesn't entice me to come back. "Here, ANOTHER thing to have to put dilithium in. Oh, and you'll need even more for the STF outfits that you like." If say, the "rep" system was account wide (or faction wide for KDf and fedside) I might be more interested. But it looks like both are character bound. I don't wanna do a grind for every character to get the STF armor costumes I like.

The STF's are interesting yeah, but after grinding my XII honor guard, I literally just don't wanna load them up. My level 50 characters have nothing to do that doesn't feel like just going through the motions for some dilithium *repeat on all level 50 chars*.