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11-04-2012, 11:18 AM
Thanks all for the replies. I have a few questions though.

Does the EPTS and EPTW share the same cooldown? If so I would think having 2 EPTS and a EPTW would ruin the chaining of EPTS I currently run and find useful. I am open to trying new things though.

Also, how do I get Aux2SIF3?

Another one, I thought technicians only worked when using aux2batt?

Reference using an Eng in this toon, I have tac characters however my (ACT) combat tracker shows this does nearly as much DPS as my Fed and KDF tac officers however is much stronger to. I understand your views but think the Tor'Kaht works well for both Tac and Eng, not got a science toon yet so not sure about them

I really appreciate the advice guys and love this ship very much. I prefer it above the Vet ships for sure.