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The concept is simple and can literally expand the playable 'area' of the game exponentially.

Currently the game takes places in three 'layers':

1- Sector Space
2- Instance

...thats it.

How about adding a layer between sector space and the instances?

1- Sector Space
2- Solar System
3- Instance (planet/station/space or fleet action battle).

Each solar system can be entered and it will be for all purposes, the size of a sector block (area/volume).

The solar system will be built in this sector-block-sized space. Star in the middle, planets/moons/asteroids orbiting it.

The player flies through this star system the same way he flies through sector space except any and all speed bonuses to warp speed are disabled (max warp speed is 10) and no transwarp or slipstream is allowed.

Each object in the solar system can be entered into as an instance.

For example,

Sol System:

You fly to Earth and enter its 'instance' to access Starfleet HQ/Starfleet Academy. You can fly to mars to enter it and see utopia planitia, etc, etc.

Bajor System:

Bajor solar system has DS9 as an object you approach and enter as an instance (aka what we do now) or you can fly to Bajor and enter it...among other solar system bodies.

Basically, turn each of the current star systems you can enter into a new zone.

This would allow not only an inmense expansion of the game world, gameplay and roleplay but would also give the game the 'trek' immersion feeling. Not to mention tons more places to make foundry missions and other fun stuff.