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11-04-2012, 10:53 AM
I love the Armitage and the Akira its just simple using another ship seems sacrilegious now. though I might try the new science cruiser carrier thingy they have coming out. I'm just a carrier/ support summoner. I like being a necromancer summoning armies and such is just so cool. I'm saving up for the new sci carrier cruiser Vest thingy coming out. (love the fact that they are using something from Novels)
Also Ive begun trying a new load-out
fore: 1 DB, 2 SC, 1 Torp (undecided still experimenting)
rear: 2 turrets, 1 mine (tricobalt most likely)

this seems to balance turn rate weakness with versatility and better DPs

but I must ask has anyone tried a single cannon fore and single beam rear load-out it has better Dps the all beam and possibly better Dps then using rear turrets. with an escort that can keep enemies on the small fore and rear arc that is 45 degrees forward of a perpendicular to your ship.