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Originally Posted by thorodal View Post
As a heads-up as well:

I filed a ticket asking if this workaround could be used until they fixed this issue, and was told not to do so.
Just use it anyways. It's a workaround to tailor limitations with boffs in general, plus it gives you quite a few interesting options for your regular characters. (hmm, DS9 uniform top with robe bottom? )

And in response to bberge1701, it does work. Not sure about the marauding boffs though, I don't have one yet, but... I made a replica of my Vorta character with ease fed-side.

Just note that you can only use costume items that the species can normally use, and only if you unlocked them already. So no cheating and wearing MACO armor without accolades and no wearing off-duty outfits! (though the Vedek Hood mysteriously lets itself be worn on KDF. )
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