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11-04-2012, 12:52 PM
Just completed an ISE, with a great team, BUT with probably the WORST lag I've experienced in STO.
Power bar needing multiple clicks to activate, "echo chamber" sound, ship movement erratic.

NONE of my Holo Borg Stf rewards have converted, was this delayed ? haven't seen anything in print on this ..

Edit :
Just completed a DSE, Sector popup announced a Borg attack. Once inside, found Tholians. Lag not as bad as the ISE.
Completed 3 Patrol missions.. How does it happen that I complete to 95% ? What is being used to measure completion ? ( I'll bet its because I had to blow up those Acamerian ships on the Diplo Patrol .. Those folks don't take advice easily )
Have had to put video settings to less than 50 % in order to get some better playability .
Tried to get into a "Red Alert DSE" , got kicked out directly after the cut scene. Tried the same Red Alert twice, same result both times..
Sound quality on the Romulan Sector contact could be improved.. a "tinny" distant sound to her voice..

Completing the Omega and Rom Reputation should be a breeze, the only annoyance being the length of time involved ( minimum 60 days, assuming the higher tier Project XP rewards are the same as Tier Zero Projects ..)

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