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11-04-2012, 12:59 PM
Pah, I'm no Klingon writer, but... for a chance at getting a timeship/shuttle, I'm sure I can whip something up. Might even tie it into my existing storyline! (yes, the one that got put on hold because of a CTD issue caused by a key element of my mission design.)

May the best man, that is, Klingon, win!


Edit: Okay... turns out making my own enviroments is a LOT trickier than it seems. Where's half of the assets I've seen other authors use, anyway?!

Not to mention that 90% of the systems I can choose from either don't have a map template or don't have a mission gate assigned to them. I chose Gorath, only to find out that Norgh was the only system to have an assigned gate AND a map template. How stupid is that?

I guess I have to drop out of the contest... good luck with yours, guys.
Oh, lovely, I can't even requote the Douglas Adams quote I used to have here I WANT IT BACK!!!!
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