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11-04-2012, 01:13 PM
Originally Posted by gucky20 View Post
You said that there isn't a chance that there will never come a mac version of the game. but still it wil be cool so....... is there a chance in a near future that there will be a free mac version so that trekkies who have a mac can play the game?

Now you have to download wineskin or a other app or run Boothcamp to play it
Gaming on a Mac...*insert 'let me laugh harder' video here*. It is only slightly less useful than trying to do 'gaming on linux' unless you like almost-exclusively indie and homebrew titles. Or if you play Unreal-Engine games exclusively.

Mac was never designed for gaming and the audience for actual mac computers is still infinitely smaller than the costs associated with creating and maintaining an entirely separate version with unique coding in a F2P game.

I wouldn't get yer hopes up.