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11-04-2012, 01:26 PM
Have to agree, went on tribble to see the new content and I must admit to been impressed by what I've seen. Only indended to be there 5-10mins max but ended up spending 3 and a half hours there! So much to do and see, there's small touches in graphics that just starts to finish off STO and the large multi-player dimension to the game really opens STO in a different dimension. Drawn into a fight that's not yours and/or coming across someone who's died and bringing them back even when they're not teamed with you is just brilliant, imagine doing that at ESD.

The new reputation system looks good as it gives the single player a structured outlay to earn equipment and though may drain resources from fleet projects it gives the individual a chance of improving themselves with collected resources instead of having to wait to use it in a certain fleet project.

All in all a very good addition with no bugs experienced during my 3 and a half hours game play from running around the new planet to fighting in space in nearly every system, just got the frustrating wait for the release to make progress with it on the live server....